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Anna Dewdney

Anna Dewdney

I LOVE Anna Dewdney's Llama Llama series. These books are essential in any home with toddlers and preschoolers. They are full of gently rhyming text and succinct lessons that young children need to hear again and again and again to internalize. What's easier, or more comforting, than repeatedly reading a warm story about a little llama going through the exact same thing or having the exact same feelings? Nothing! So buy these books.

llama llama red pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama

has a great scene in it where little llama has worked himself all up into a tizzy and the Mom comes tearing up from downstairs to see what's wrong because there just had to be something terribly amiss- the look on her face is priceless when she sees that all the fuss is for nothing.  Being able to present a child with a visual image of flawed behavior or reasoning in another child (llama) is just priceless- a picture really can be worth a thousand words.

llama llama misses mama

Oh gosh, just looking at little llama on that cover makes my eyes water.  This is the first book we found of Anna Dewdney's and we read it over and over again when my boys started a parents morning out program.  We had a lot of tears in that program and when we got to the page where little llama is sitting at the snack table and doesn't feel like eating with the saddest look on his face I had to hand the book to my husband to finish reading- I was so emotionally overwhelmed.  The ending lifted all of our spirits and taught us that a little llama can love school AND his mama.  So true.

llama llama holiday drama

This one is available for

pre-order now

and we've already got our names on the list.  I haven't even read it but I know we need it and, more importantly, we want it!

Ask for these books at your local library or click on the titles to order online! 

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