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Mo Willems

Mo Willems

 The first Mo Willems book I ever read was

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

, an amusing glimpse at a cute pigeon begging and pleading with the reader for permission to drive the bus.  The reader has been left in charge by the bus driver and given strict instructions to not let the pigeon drive the bus.  It is nothing short of genius to have the premise of your book place a young child "in charge" and prompt them with each page turn to tell somebody, even a pigeon, "NO! "  Oh, the hilarity! 

If evil cackling does not ensue when you read this to a child, you are doing something wrong...

Recently, we have been reading these two by Mo Willems:

Time to Sleep SHEEP the SHEEP

A sweet and simple bed time story that features routine, camaraderie and just enough humor to put a smile on their faces without totally running the sleepy time train off the tracks.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy

Like many books by Mo Willems, this one does a great job of holding up a mirror to the preschool cohort.  They can't help but laugh at the very behaviors (begging, pleading, abrupt back-tracking) that they themselves engage in on a regular basis.  It is healthy to learn to laugh at yourself and these books promote that in a fun, indirect way that is completely irresistible.  I mean just look at that pigeon, isn't he cute?!

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Little by Little

Little by Little

Keiko Kasza

Keiko Kasza