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Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

It is necessary as a parent to explain to your children the unconditional, ubiquitous and immeasurable love you have for them.  Consistently.  Repeatedly.  They need to hear it, to understand it and to feel it.  As long as I'm still tucking my boys in, we will be reading this book every night. 

Here is some of the beautiful,

moving text:

I wanted you more

than you ever will know

so I sent love to follow

wherever you go.

It's high as you wish it. It's quick as an elf.

You'll never outgrow stretches itself!

So climb any mountain...

climb up to the sky!

My love will find you.

My love can fly!


And if someday you're lonely, 

or someday you're sad, 

or you strike out at baseball, 

or think you've been bad...

just lift up your face, feel the wind in your hair.

That's me, my sweet baby, my love is right there.


My love is so high, and so wide and 

so deep, it's always right there, even 

when you're asleep.

So hold your head high

and don't be afraid

to march to the front

of your own parade.

~ Nancy Tillman

*Do not look for this at your library.  Buy it.

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