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I Love You the Purplest

I Love You the Purplest

This is an absolutely wonderful book. 

The text and illustrations are so thoughtful and comforting. 

In the story, Max and Julian are brothers vying for their mother's love and affection, 

each hoping to win favor over his brother. 

Everything is a competition: 

"Who has the most worms?"

"Mama, who's the best rower?"


"Who do you love best?"

Their loving mother keenly answers every question without ever declaring one brother the best at the expense of the other. One has the liveliest worms, the other has the juiciest. One took the quickest strokes, the other took the deepest… 

In the end, the message that a mother's love is deep and broad is beautifully illustrated.  This book is a fantastic way to remind children with siblings that mommies can love 


of their children best.  I also think it inspires parents to articulate the varied facets of their love for each child; specific things for each child to hold onto. Words of affirmation are so important for children!!

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the oK book

the oK book