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Books worth reading. 

Time and again.



These books by Peter H. Reynolds are true works of art!  Together, they are referred to as "creatrilogy," but they can certainly be enjoyed separately: the dot, sky colour & ish

For a young artist needing confidence, the dot is the perfect book.

I love the teacher in this story; she believes in the main character even when she's struggling to believe in herself. 

That vote of confidence and show of approval is all this little girl needs. 

In no time, she is a prolific artist (in her own unique way!) and even has the opportunity to inspire someone else.


Visually splendid and wonderfully told, the story of sky colour is a must-read. 

Collaboration, inspiration, individuality… all are celebrated in this book. 

Readers see patience rewarded and inspiration come when it is least expected. 


This might be my favorite of all three!  This is the story of a boy with an intrinsic drive to draw and sketch. He draws everything, everywhere, all the time!  His pastime is threatened when his skills are questioned by the teasing of an older sibling. 

The kind heart of his sister offers a new perspective that is immensely freeing. Letting go of perfect opens up a world of happiness and real satisfaction.  Perspective: what an amazing gift for a child to receive!

Ask for these books at your library or order online: 

Roscoe Riley Rules

Roscoe Riley Rules

I Love You the Purplest

I Love You the Purplest