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What Do You Do With An Idea?

What Do You Do With An Idea?

In this simple story, Kobi Yamada chronicles the journey of a child 

and his idea, from inception right up through changing the world! 

If you hope to encourage a child that you love to follow their heart, to value themselves and to persevere when things get hard, you will love sharing this book with them.

Ideas can be overwhelming for little people.  Big people too!  I love that this book doesn't trivialize the very real challenges of accepting, developing and growing ideas; instead it inspires courage. 

The child's idea is never specified and I love how easy that makes it for every reader to imagine their own idea at the heart of this story…and at the heart of their



This book is a treasure that will inspire children of all ages. 

It is the modern day equivalent of 

The Little Engine That Could


with a loud and clear message about the power of believing in yourself. 

I hope it gains similar widespread popularity!

Ask for this book at your local library or order online:

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