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Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!

It is not easy being a preschooler.  

Expectations from parents can run high.  

The bar for good behavior is always changing, inching higher and higher.

This is a great book for parents and kids, giving each a little glimpse of how it feels in the other's shoes. 

Little kids make lots of mistakes and have many accidents and that's normal!  

They're learning.

Mommies of preschoolers get stressed out, and that's normal too.  

They have so much to do.

Three and four year olds will identify with all the things that go wrong for Harriet 

when she's not even trying to misbehave! 

They'll also see how hard Harriet's Mommy tries to be patient with her. 

In the end, Harriet's Mom starts to yell. 

She loses her temper and gets really angry with Harriet. 

That happens with most parents at some point. 

If it has happened, or happens, in their family, I think it's really helpful for children 

to be read a book that talks about it.  

Helpful because an important formula for making up is introduced after the yelling. 

Apology + Hugging + Laughter = Making Up

You will hear the relief in a child's breathing and see it in their eyes 

when you get to the last pages of this book.

What a great feeling, to know that loving grown-ups don't stay mad!

Ask for this book at your library or order online: 

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