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Books worth reading. 

Time and again.

Harry and Horsie

Harry and Horsie



these books!!  

Illustrator Lincoln Agnew does an amazing job; 

he gives the

Harry and Horsie

adventures such a distinct look.

I like to call his style "cool-retro-comic."  

I don't know what it would be officially referred to as, 

but he conveys so much action and energy in a fun and powerful way.

My boys and I fell hard for all the red and blue! 

I actually purchased a second book that my husband carefully disassembled, page by page,

 so that we could display them for wall art in our son Henry's room.


is the exciting sequel to 

Harry and Horsie


Author Katie Van Camp's stories remind me of the type of narrative a 

Mom or Dad might come up with one night after their little one pleads "tell me a story!"  

They are exciting, the plot is clear, the action moves forward at a quick pace 

and the endings wrap up nice and neat. 

I think both of these books make wonderful gifts!!

Many families are unfamiliar with this author and illustrator;

they're in for a real treat when they open up to these captivating pages. 

Ask for these books at your library or order online: 

Francis and Eddie: The True Story of America's Underdogs

Francis and Eddie: The True Story of America's Underdogs

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