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Sports Illustrated Kids- Victory School Superstars

Sports Illustrated Kids- Victory School Superstars

 These Sports Illustrated Kids books are really fun little chapter books for early readers.  

Each book is about student athletes at Victory School, a special school for super athletes.  

Every victory student has a special super skill.  

One student might have super speed, another is a perfect shot, 

another has perfect balance, another super strength...

These are chapter books but the chapters are short and there are a lot of great illustrations.  

Lots of action and definitely a life lesson in each one of these little paperbacks.  They are perfect for kids just starting to read chapter books independently and as a read-aloud to younger children ready to move forward from picture books. 

There are so many different sports in the collection! 

Every book features a main character and his or her group of friends. 

Many of the same characters show up in different books, 

but there is no sequence to these titles, they can be read in any order. 

Some great values related to success in athletics and life are passed along 

through the Victory School stories.

Boys and girls are both shown as strong, capable characters, 

and important character traits and habits are highlighted.

These are small, inexpensive paperbacks that are just right for beginning chapter book readers!

Ask for these at your library or order online: 

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Gooney Bird Greene

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