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Castle Glower Series

Castle Glower Series

This is a really great series!  

Jessica Day George writes about four siblings in a royal family and

 their adventures living in a castle that is a character in and of itself. 

The fantasy elements are so interesting; readers will have a grand time 

learning the ways of Castle Glower and getting to know the Glower family. 

I love the way each sibling is characterizedand how the brothers and sisters

 interact in support and defense of one another. 

The stories are highly suspenseful and would be best beginning in 1st or 2nd Grade

up through 5th or 6th Graders, depending on the child's reading level. 

I thoroughly enjoyed them as an adult. 

I read one aloud to my kids and the other we listened to on audio book. 

My recommendation is to read these in order and to consider them on audio book;  

the narrater has a British accent and does a brilliant job 

of capturing the personality quirks of every character. 

Ask for these at your library or order online: 

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Thanksgiving Round-Up!

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