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8 Great Ways to Use Your Library!

8 Great Ways to Use Your Library!

There is no place quite like a library. 

 Even if you don’t use your local library for yourself, 

I urge you to take advantage of what it can offer your children, for FREE!! 

1.  Use your library’s website to search for books with your child’s name in them.

2.  Search for books about something your child is passionate about (animals, tools, space,         tractors, fire engines, princesses, weather, geography- anything!).

3.  Type in the author and/or illustrator of a book you or your child already loves and see what other treasures they have for you. 

4.  Investigate books about things going on in your child’s life: starting school, anticipating a new sibling, relatives visiting, holidays you celebrate, seasons changing, moving homes, learning to swim, ride a bike or even read! 

5.  Put books on hold.  I am sure that if you add “picking up books on hold at the library” to your to-do list it will be one of the shortest errands you run. 

6.  Don’t hide library books away.  Label a special shelf for them, have a basket that can be a special library book spot where your child can see their covers.  When we first bring them home, I line our library books up in front of our fireplace and my boys can’t wait to read through every one! 

7.  Let a librarian help. They are wealth of knowledge, most of them love what they do and are eager to help you find books that are short, long, bright, fun, funny, for little kids, for big kids, for medium kids… just call or ask!! 

8.  Let library books be the perfect platform to teach your children to both respect and revere books.  Neither of you will regret the lessons learned, the knowledge gained and the fun you had.

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