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The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit

This picture book by Drew Daywalt has a fun and original premise that will delight kids 

and parents alike. In the story, crayon owner Duncan sits down to color 

and is surprised to find letters in place of crayons in his box!  In the letters, 

his crayons emphatically declare a myriad of reasons why they have decided to quit.  

Duncan navigates through the letters, seeing things from the crayons' perspectives for a change. 

Everyone familiar with a box of crayons as a childhood staple will find these pages entertaining. 

The illustrations are wonderfully made to look just like pictures children 

proudly make with their crayons all the time. 

Each letter is a new chance for parents or teachers to discuss point of view and perspective. 

What a fun idea, to bring to life something so familiar to children so they can delight in the author's imagination that crayons have feelings, too. Such a cute and playful story! 

Ask for this book at your local library or order online: 

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